Welcome to The Forte Music School

Aberdeen Music School. We offer Singing Lessons and Piano Lessons.  

Choir Masters and Choral Workshops.

We are a small team dedicated to our craft.

We love teaching.  

Seeing Joy in our pupils from learning to Sing or play Piano is our reason for doing what we do. 

It is what keeps us going, what motivates us.  

We help people with Music all around Aberdeen City and Shire; with paid work, free advice, coaching and volunteering.

Our pupils inspire us, and we inspire them.

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Latest From The Blog

The 1 Week Song Challenge - Learn A Song In One Week!

By the end of the Song Challenge, we all will have memorised a song that suits our voices. Then we show our progress to the group.

How To Grow Your Voice - Create More Sustained Tone When You Sing

This video will give you practical advice on how to grow your voice; exercises to help your Vowels expand and to help you sustain good vocal tone.